1965-1967 Complete 3 Or 5-Stud Electric Start Primary Belt Drive Kit With Belt Idler Pulley

$ 847.99

You Will Not Find a More Complete or Durable Belt Drive System Than the One Offered Here. With the 11 Mm Belt and the Idler Pulley Belt Adjustment Is Simple and Accurate. The 8 Mm Belt Systems Are Inferior to This USA Made BDL. On My 1980 FLH a Put over 70,000 Miles on the System Without a Failure. This Kit Comes with 3 or 5 Stud Clutch Hub's and Either One Is a Great Choice.
Includes the Following Components
11 Mm BDL Belt Drive 1965 to 1984 Rear Chain Drive Only USA Made
37550–41A Or 37550–41TB Complete 3 or 5 Stud Clutch Hub  Imported
37523–15 Clutch Hub Key USA Made
37930–41 Clutch Plate Kit Friction Imported
37975–81 Drive Plates Clutch Steel USA Made
37503–41 Clutch Not Lock Washer Imported
37498–41A Clutch Hub Nut USA Made
12014 Pushrod Oil Seal Clutch Hub
38075–41 Clutch Springs Set USA Made
37357–41 Pushrod Adjusting Screw USA Made
37361–41 Pushrod Adjusting Lock Nut USA Made
37871–41 Clutch Release Disk Imported
Fits the Following Harley-Davidson Models
1965 Panhead with Stock Mousetrap Clutch
1966 to 1967 Shovelhead with Stock Mousetrap Clutch