27382-33A Old 1273-33A Linkert Viton Tipped Float Valve Needle and Seat

$ 29.69

Float needle and seat set with the standard Viton-tipped needle for Linkert brass carburetors. Our carburetor needle and seat set is manufactured to meet OEM specification for long lasting durability and performance. Threads on this needle and seat assembly is 7/16 x 27. *NOTE: For the float arm installation, the center prong of the float arm should have .003" of clearance, in order for the arm and needle to move freely. Needle features a Viton insert.
Fits the Following Harley-Davidson Big Twin Models
1936 to 1947 Knucklehead All Models
1937 to 1948 Big Twin Flathead U Models
1948 to 1965 Panhead Models
and All Linkert Carburetors 1933 and Later