40003-79A Gates Rear Final Drive Belt Carbon Fiber Reinforced 4 Speed 1 1/2" 126T

$ 181.95

  • Gates carbon X3N material for its rear belts which is far superior to Kevlar® cord belts
  • The same brand used by Harley-Davidson since 1980 due to its reliability
  • Teeth on the belts have a slick surface that is easy on pulleys
  • Outer surface of the Gates belt is ribbed to help with flexibility
  • Higher reliability due to increased length stability and better pitch
  • Higher resistance to humidity
  • Higher tensile strength and robust construction
  • Made in the U.S.A.

1980 - 1986 Belt Final Drive 4 - Speed Transmissions On FX And FL Models
Please Consult Your Service Manual For Correct Adjustment.