43004-35 Old 3940-35 KH Replica 18" x 2.15" Wheel Rim Black

$ 195.04

Restoration Quality.
KH replica black powder coated 18" X 2.15" steel wheel rim has the conventional bead construction and features 40 holes, for the front or rear.
The bead width is 2.15" and is for front and rear Big Twin and rear only on 45". *NOTE: Black finish for restoration or custom desires. **NOTE: Exact as original Kelsey Hays, bead is not welded. Rim may be re-finished to restorers or customers desires. *NOTE: With correct bead and roll shapes!

Fits the following Harley-Davidson Models
UL 1938-1947 Front or Rear
WL 1930-1952 Rear
FL 1941-1944 Front or Rear
EL 1936-1940 Front or Rear
VL 1930-1936 Rear