43032-40A Old 3943-40A Stainless Steel Spoke Set For Stock Drop Center 16" Rims

$ 231.29

USA Made!!
Buchanan 6-8 gauge spoke set features 40 spokes and 40 spoke nipples.
Spokes are easy to clean and maintain. For use on a 16" drop center rim with a star hub.
**CAUTION: Nipples may seize on spokes without sufficent application of lubricant. Thoroughly coat all spoke and nipple threads before assembling and truing wheel. Spokes cannot be properly torqued without lubrication and is included with each spoke set.
Fits Harley-Davidson Models
Knucklehead 1936-1947
Flathead 1937-1949
Panhead 1948-1936
Shovelhead 1966-1984
1936-1980 With Stock Or Stock Replacement 16" Drop Center Rim