71501-48 Replacement Ignition Switch 1948-1967 Original Style Briggs Lock

$ 83.03

Nice quality 5 terminal ignition switch
Steel type ignition switch with 5 terminals features Briggs and Stratton style die cast numbered lock assembly and tumbler with 2 keys.
Includes two Briggs and Stratton round headed keys, OE type tumbler, replica top and cover, fits as original, and B2/67# lock assembly. For mounting purposes, this also includes four 8/32" x 5/8" slot round head screws, four 3/16" x 3/8" split washers and five 6/32" x 1/4" terminal screws. *NOTE: Switch is produced with new tooling for both flip and body cover.
FL 1948-1967
WL 1948-1952
EL 1948-1952
G 1948-1967