18203-36 Old 168-36 Complete Replacement Knucklehead Valve Springs Set

$ 80.00

USA Made!
This Kit Has Stock Valve Seat Pressure If Valves Stem Protrusion Is Not Excessive. The Stock Spring Pressure Provides You with a Manufacturer Like Valve Drive Train Longevity. Works Best with Stock Cam or Slightly Modified Drop in Cam.
This Kit Includes the Following Parts,
4, 18222-36 Lower Spring Collars
4, 18204-36 Inner Valve Spring
4, 18203-36 Outer Valve Spring
4, 18221-36 Upper Spring Collar
8 ,18228-36 Valve Spring Retainers

Fits the Following Harley-Davidson Models
1936 to 1947 Knuckleheads